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Old Mutual Proud Associate Partner of Idols SA

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In line with Old Mutual’s refreshed sponsorship strategy, the financial giant has partnered up with IDOLS SA to once again demonstrate its commitment to enabling positive futures in the arts and the music industry.

One may wonder how music and finance can be linked and why Old Mutual has embarked on this empowerment journey with musicians and artists. With its 174 years of wisdom Old Mutual knows better than most, the importance of being financially educated and informed if one wants to succeed in the pursuit of a dream, a career or a goal. Old Mutual also knows how important it is to get on track financially as soon as possible. Time is critical when it comes to money. The sooner you start the more time you have for your money to grow.

Music is a key component of our young consumer’s lives. They are either actively involved in the industry, aspire to be involved, worship their music idols or simply consume music. As a responsible business it is key that Old Mutual shows how it supports, advises and coaches its customers and this new generation just starting out in life, to manage, protect and grow their money better. Music taps directly into their interests and passions and its through music that Old Mutual can be more connected, meaningful and relevant to this younger future market,

“If youth in South Africa sees and understands the relevance, value and importance of financial knowledge and planning then we know as a financial partner, that we are in essence creating a springboard for a new era of successful financially secure individuals” said Thobile Tshabalala, head of Brand Old Mutual. “Through music we have a great way of exposing our offerings to this market”.

Idols SA is now in its  fifteenth season this year and in 2018 alone received over 120 million votes in support of contestants participating in this well-loved Mzanzi show. Those numbers alone have inspired Old Mutual to benefit from this partnership and broaden its reach, connection and potential positive impact with the market to amplify its message of the importance of financial knowledge.

Through the various music platforms that Old Mutual support it is well positioned to share its 174 years of financial wisdom and demonstrate how small steps can be taken to amplify one’s financial future regardless of which industry you wish to pursue or passion one wants to follow.  

Aligned to the philosophy of the old teaching the young, Old Mutual strives to impart its years of knowledge and ingrain its wisdom into a market that would most benefit from their financial stability early in life.

“If you know better then you can do better” says Thobile Tshabala, Head of Brand, Old Mutual.

“The earlier you start the more your knowledge and your money can work for you in the future, that is why the youth are so important for us to connect with. This knowledge is like compound interest. Let your dreams, goals and money grow. Feed it with the stability of a firm financial understanding plan as to where your want your financial future to be. We all have the ability to do great things every day, and we want to be there to help and guide people to navigate their way through life to ensure that it can be an achievable realistic plan with a bright and healthy positive future” .

“We are excited to partner with this widely loved music talent show and congratulate and applaud each and every contestant who is striving to follow their dream and make it a reality – there are too many and’s in this sentence and doesn’t read well. We want you to reward yourself and allow us to show you the way to amplify your own financial future as you pursue the life you dreamed.”


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